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Selling a Home?

Want to sell your home for full price with high interest rate concerns?

1. How a 1% buydown for buyers' interest rate for a full price or even above full price offer can change the sales game completely.

2. How a solid listing agent (hopefully us) can negotiate the buyers' appraisal fee, ILC fee, homeowner. Insurance fees or various buyers' closing costs with their lender to enhance buyers' motivation on their offer to the seller.

3. Hire a knowledgeable real estate agent(hopefully us). Sellers can hire a discount broker but on the closing date, the seller will always come out ahead with a broker who is highly experienced in negotiations with the final home price and constant communication with all parties in the transaction (sellers, buyers, agents, lenders, title company, and in some cases attorneys. A good broker's goal is a win-win for all parties in the transaction.


4. Never let a real estate commission get in the way of a solid contract. The best real estate agent who can negotiate the highest net for the seller is invaluable. We have never let a commission get in the way of a sales contract. The highest net proceeds on your title company check at closing is our primary goal- know exactly what your net proceeds will be at the listing appointment based upon a fair sales price and all sellers' expenses.

5. Are you handcuffed to the low interest rate you currently have on your home? How a simple financial tool can give you peace of mind on the decision to sell or not to sell in 2024. Selling a real estate property requires smart financial advice and timing is truly a numbers game for your investment.

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